Physical Exercises Is The Source Of The Man?s Health

Physical exercises strengthen our health, prevent illness and how it turns out, and slow down the aging process. Physical activity is good for men of any age, taking into account that the daily activity of the men cannot provide the necessary physical activity. Not counting those whose occupations require intensive loads, every man who wants to see the effect of physical activity, should make great efforts.

Very few men want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But they do not mind to have enough functional and beautiful muscles. What prevents us to do exercises? Not everyone can afford to go to the fitness center or gym. But you can begin to strengthen muscles at home. The main thing for you is the desire.

For the training of the muscular system there are quite a few simple and at the same time, effective exercises to perform which do not require any expensive trainers and barbells. All you need you already have – it’s your body.

So the first exercise – push-up from the floor. A simple but very effective exercise, if properly implemented. Put your hands on a distance slightly wider than shoulders. Do not bend your body and look ahead. Dips should be done slowly, feeling the work of the almost all the muscles of the upper body. To get started, simply do 3 sets of 10 push-ups. Gradually bring the number of reps to 5, and the total number of push-ups to 100-150.

The next exercise is pulling up on the high bar. The distance between the hands as well as push-ups, is slightly wider than shoulders. Pull up to touch the chin bar. You should not do jumps and swing – the effectiveness of the exercise is reduced. To get started, simply do 3 sets of 5 times. Gradually bring the total number of pull-ups up to 50 times.

The next exercise is sit-ups. Spread your feet slightly wider than the shoulders. Crouch slowly. Put your hands on your hips. To get started, simply do 3 sets of 25 sit-ups. Further increase the total number of sit-ups to 300.

And the last exercise – lifting the body while lying down. This exercise is well coached by the abdominal muscles. Hands – the head, legs slightly bent. Try to feel the tension of the abdominal muscles. To get started, do 3 sets of 10 times. Gradually increase the total number of repetitions to 150-200 times.

If you do these simple exercises regularly, you will improve the condition of your muscles. And you’ll never need the help of the doctors.

Physically active men have better sleep; it is easier for them to cope with stress, depression and headaches. They are confident, therefore, I think, more successful. So go for it. Good luck to you on the path of self-improvement.

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