Sex-diet Of A Modern Man

Modern scientists have proved that eating the right products, you can not only help to prevent diseases of genital organs, but also to increase your sexual potential.

So, what should eat a modern man to be sexually active for long years? In this article we will tell you about the main principles of the sex-diet and the products, which can increase you sexual potential.

It is known that the fats provide not only long-term energy reserves. If they are not enough in the man?s organism, the body disables not the primary and vital sexual function and is adjusted for survival. However, not all fats have the sexual power. Bad fats, such as semi-finished products, cooked in margarine, on the contrary, violate the formation of sex hormones, as in the process of cooking they turn into toxins.

Positive effect on the sexual function have the milk, butter, cheese, but we must remember that their excessive consumption causes an increase in blood cholesterol, and this in turn reduces the potency of a man. To maintain sexuality, it is recommended for man to consume about 30 grams of the fat, giving preference to non-refined oil (olive, corn, soybean, and sunflower), nuts, sea fish.

A great role in the maintaining the man?s potency play proteins. They have the stimulation of endocrine glands. Optimal protein intake, according to the nutritionists? advice is 50 grams per day. Modern man exceeds this rate, eating up to 150grams. We must remember that a surplus of amino acids creates an enormous burden on the kidneys, which can lead to diseases of the genitourinary system
All diets of the active people are based on carbohydrates (since they are turning into glucose), maintain blood sugar levels, which in turn affects the sexual performance. Nutritionists advise to consume mostly complex carbohydrates, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Its name complex carbohydrates have got because of the saturation of fiber and vitamins.

Vitamin A is necessary for the synthesis of sex hormones in men. It promotes the formation of sperm. This vitamin is in fruits and vegetables all yellow and orange.
Deficiency of vitamin C can significantly reduce libido of the man. To avoid this need you should to take at least 100 mg of this vitamin. It can be found in oranges, dog rose, currants, sea buckthorn, and sweet pepper.

Vitamin E accelerates the production of the testosterone and prevents the prostatitis, and is responsible for the ovulation. Your daily intake of the vitamin E should be – 100 mg. Optimally you should take vitamin E in capsules.

General recommendations of nutritionists are: a large part of the diet should be vegetables, fruits and cereals, a third part is protein products, and of only a quarter ? products, which are containing fats.

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