How To Protect Yourself From Cardiovascular Disease

In the youth few people seriously think about the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And no wonder, because life is in full swing, and the body is strong and seemingly can cope with any harmful stress without an effort. In the past few years, doctors observe rejuvenation of cardiovascular disease – more often men of 25-30 years begin to suffer from it. Men are exposed to cardiovascular disease more than women. Belonging to the male sex is a risk factor, and if a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are added to the development of any cardiovascular disease. But this can be avoided if you follow a few simple tips from the medical center.

1. Eat right. Less fat – more vegetables and fruits

In order the body and the heart stay healthy do not necessarily adhere to strict diets. It is enough to limit consumption of fatty foods. From meat it is pork, lamb, sausages. From dairy products – hard and processed cheeses, butter, sour cream. Also should refrain from excessive consumption of salty foods – this will help to reduce the risk of developing hypertension, even if you have a genetic predisposition to it. And dishes from fresh vegetables and fruits are certainly useful, as well as all kinds of cereal.

2. Start the exercise.

Many men love sports, but not all of them do. According to various estimates only 9-12% of our population visits gyms, stadiums, or sections regularly. But to have a healthy heart, you regularly need to devote a part of the free time to running, skiing or swimming in the pool. If it is too difficult or expensive, you can do exercises in the morning or just walk daily at a quick pace for about an hour. This simple procedure normalizes blood pressure. And, of course, the exercise will help to remove excess weight – another source of heart disease.

3. Give up smoking

The intrigue of smoking is in its addictive. Not everyone is able to easily quit smoking, even knowing perfectly well what the ravages of exposing your body. Because of smoking the heart is incompletely filled with oxygen, as nicotine increases the frequency of its contractions, and the pressure increases due to narrowing of blood vessels. Therefore, a heavy smoker has a high chance to pay for the dubious pleasure of myocardial infarction.

4. See your doctor regularly. Listen to his advice!

Regular checkups with a doctor are perhaps one of the most reliable ways to prevent cardiovascular disease. Only a doctor will be able to timely detect signs of malfunction of the heart and assign the appropriate preventive treatment.

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