How To Improve Your Eyesight?

About twenty-five million people around the world complain that they cannot see some of the objects they want (we are even ashamed to suppose anything).

There is a short guide to diseases the most dangerous for your eyes.

A macular degeneration. It is the reason of all 54% cases of vision loss. Due to the fact that the ophthalmic arteries stop the oxygen flow – as a result the retina is damaged.

Glaucoma is an outflow of intraocular fluid. The optic nerve is damaged because of this, it makes the whole body to work – sends information from the retina to the brain. Visual disturbances occur gradually, so that half the people quietly live with glaucoma without even knowing about it.

Diabetic retinopathy. Complications of diabetes. In summary, the blood vessels of the retina are blocked and eventually destroyed.

The cataract. Clouding of the eye lens, which makes it difficult for you to see the world in its full color.

It is not very good thing to panic on discovering that you have all the signs of all diseases at once. But it’s necessary to consult with a doctor – to prevent illness and improve sight easier than to treat it (especially related macular degeneration – it generally is not treated).

Eye protection

Your eyes need the protection even more than the skin. And not just because the sun is shining mercilessly in them with its rays. Just ultraviolet rays can be reflected from virtually any surface: from the snow, sand or water. Nothing good comes from them, quite the contrary: at best case- Cataract, at worst – blindness. Therefore, to improve eyesight, make sure that your sunglasses protect against UV light at 100% (it should be written on them or ask the seller).

More rest

It is needless, for example, staring at a monitor for one hundred and twenty hours a day. It is better to read a book – and if not, then at least somehow to smooth the effects of daily stress.

Check the glare of the monitor. Try to put it in another angle to the light.

Do not sit too close, and think that with every centimeter of your eyes hate you more and more.

The lighting in the room with your computer should be no more than 10 times brighter than the light level of monitor.

Rule “20/20/20”: every 20 minutes focus your mind on the subject for 20 seconds which is located in 20 meters away from you. It helps to relieve stress from the eyes and (gradually) to improve eyesight.

Eat right

No, no carrot. It is better in sufficient quantities to consume vitamins A, E and C plus zinc and selenium. And in order your friends start to call you “Sharp Eye”, include in your diet three components.

Blueberries. Strengthens the capillary walls of the eye, protect against glaucoma and cataracts. They say that it can help you see in the dark.

Zeaxanthin. The main component of macular pigment – an important detail that protects eyes from UV rays. It is contained in the orange peppers, corn, oranges, mangoes, peaches.

Lycopene. An indispensable antioxidant, among other things it strengthens the prostate gland. It is in tomatoes and many other red fruits.

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