How To Get Rid Of The Hiccups?

Some people like to hiccup. Especially when they can do it instead of work, study and army service. But when hiccups lasts for more than two days a person wants already to get rid of it in some way. Here we suggest you 10 ways of getting rid this thing.

The first method. Analysis of the sugar

A high dose of sweet stimulates the nerve endings of the tongue and can help you. We advise you to eat a teaspoon of sugar and try to get it got to the back of the tongue – this area is responsible for determining a sour taste.

The second method. I don’t hear anything.

Plug fingers in your ears. Hiccups is nothing like the irritation of the vagus nerve. It is associated with the auditory system and, therefore affecting the nerve endings of the ears, can affect the nerve. Be careful – do not pierce the eardrums.

The third method. I’m not a coward… But I’m scared!

The oldest and the most proven way is to let someone scare you. Thus, the vagus nerve is pinched, and the hiccups will go. Do not overdo it – the hiccups can be replaced by the stuttering, and this is not the most pleasant thing in the world.

The fourth method.

Stick your tongue out the mouth and gently pull it.

The fifth method. Tickling

Another way is to tickle the soft palate with a cotton swab. If you’re not afraid of the tickling in this place, find another vulnerable point, the light touch to which makes you roll on the floor in a fit.

The sixth method.

Hold your breath – imagine that you are going to jump into the pool. Hold up yourself without Oxygen, as longer as you have enough patience.

The seventh method.

Take an ordinary paper bag and breathe into it. It works on the same principle as the breath-holding – the amount of carbon dioxide increases in the blood, the body tries to get rid of it in every way – hiccup fades into the background.

The eighth method. Black magnesium

Eat a bowl of brown rice, a little spinach or peanut butter. These products contain a lot of the magnesium, it relieves stress and relaxes the nerves. Magnesium is contained in many medicines to treat stomach, for example, in “Rennie”.

The ninth method. The ice

Sink your face in ice water for 30 seconds.

The tenth method.

Close your eyes with the hands and gently push down the index and middle fingers to the eyes (be careful – they are fragile!). Hold on for five seconds. After that the hiccup will slowly come to nothing.

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