Think With Your Head. Exercises For The Brain

It is so interesting to pump the pectoralis muscle or the triceps that you can forget about the main thing. No, not that the main thing. Today we’ll talk about how you can upgrade your brain. You do not even have to overwork.

Exercises for the brain. Memory

With a bad memory it will be hard to read for you, meditate on the eternal and solve puzzles in the mind from a textbook on mathematics for the third grade. Your brain operates just a few types of memory training each of them – work much more easily than you thought.

What to do:

Listen to the words of unfamiliar songs and try to memorize them. In this case, the body increases the levels of acetylcholine – a substance involved in the process of building a brain.

Wear dark or brush your teeth with your left hand. This activity helps the various neural connections of the brain to build new relationships.

Exercises for the brain. Care

In order not to be distracted during an important meetings and not to confuse the number one girl to another, you need just a little bit to transform the course of your life.

What to do:

Change the route of walking to work or rearrange the things on the desktop – so the brain learns to adapt quickly to change.

Combine different types of activities. For example, listen to audiobooks while running or crossword puzzles, when driving a car (more accurately – the latter may deny you the opportunity to live). This helps the brain learn to multitask.

Exercises for the brain. Language

To avoid mistakes in prepositions and interjections, as well as to know in what way preposition is different from the interjections, do not forget to train your language skills and learn new words.

What to do:

Read the texts on subjects unfamiliar to you. For example, if you usually look through only sports news in the newspapers, try to read the stock ticker. You will remember new words, even on a subconscious level, moreover, it is always helpful to know what’s going on in those markets.

Exercises for the brain. Visual memory

Haven’t you forgotten that we live in a full-color three-dimensional world? And did you try to analyze the resulting visual information? It can make you better and more interesting.

What to do:

Go to the room and try to remember all five subjects, their color, size and location. Too simple? Now, wait a couple of hours and try to save the data in your mind. Needless to say, do not write it down anywhere.

Exercises for the brain. Logical abilities

Without them you could not do complex reasoning and construct scientific hypotheses. To not rely on the senses, and the cold sanity, train the ability to analyze everything. Exercises on logic, everything else, are especially enjoyable.

What to do:

Communicate with people often. Finding the right expressions, talking points and answers to tricky questions develops the ability to calculate and analyze.

Play video games. They require you to develop strategies and make decisions in a short time (imagine how cool to say “Honey, I’m not just play in Halo, I activate the executive functions of the brain).

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