The Horoscope Of The Pope?s Visit To The United Kindgom

Following on from my successes at predicting the outcome of the UK general election, and England?s chances in the world cup, I now present what I predict will occur when His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI arrives tomorrow for his state visit to the United Kingdom. This I have done by comparing the Pope?s birth-chart with the transits which are occurring at this time.

Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Alois Ratzinger) was born on 16th April 1927 at Marktl-Am-Inn in Bavaria, Germany, at 0830 local time. He is due to touch down in the UK at 1030 am (British Summer Time) tomorrow ? 16th September 2010 ? at Edinburgh International Airport. Inputting this data into I have come up with a chart which one compare the Pope?s birth chart (inner ring) with the transits occurring during the visit (outer ring) ? see diagram.

Generally speaking in astrological terms, there is a currently Square aspect between three planets. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Pisces: whilst Pluto squares both of them in Capricorn. What makes this interesting is that these three form a ?T? with Pope Benedict?s ascendant ? which itself is conjunct his natal Mars and Caput Draconis.

Uranus and Jupiter squaring his natal ascendant (etc) presages that Pope Benedict will manage to stir up a major incident of controversy or a crisis during this trip ? relating to the nature of the his job as Pope. The Mars influence suggests that the Pope, blinded by overconfidence, will have an outburst of anger which will alienate a lot of people. The Caput Draconis influence indicates that this major incident will coincide with one of his public speeches which happens to be about a popular religious, philosophic, educational, or cultural trend.

We should not be surprised if Pope Benedict suffers some sort of accident involving physical injury during this visit.

As it happens, retrograde Neptune is conjunct his natal MC, and square to his natal Venus. The Pope may feel that he is in the middle of a career-crisis! The influence of his natal Venus is a strange one: were it not for the fact that the Pope is (supposedly) celibate, his chart would indicate now would be a good time for him to embark on a new love-affair!!

(This is what happens when you try to learn astrology from books intended for members of the general public, not the heads of major religions).

Pope Benedict?s apparent woes are reinfoced by Saturn transitting his 5th natal house. This indicates that he has issues over how deserving he is of attention from others, and he may feel unloved. (Compare this with the criticism that the Pope?s visit has been receiving from people such as Richard Dawkins, Peter Tatchell and Iain Paisley) However, the Pope also has a long-term opportunity to improve his standing and that of the church (nb: by long-term I mean it probably won?t occur during the duration of the visit itself, but only make itself apparent afterwards).

On the plus side, Pluto?s influence means that the Pope?s ambition and drive to succeed are incredibly strong now. He feels a compulsive need to achieve. The Pope may also find that some of the people he meets will turn out to be very important to him, and become hugely influential ? even to the extent of presenting a new opportunity of mutual benefit to themselves and the Pontiff.

The conjunction of transitting Uranus & Jupiter with natal Mercury indicates that this is an auspicious time for the Pope to use his state visit as a public relations exercise. Specifically, he will find it easy to come up with new ideas, make decisions, deliver speeches, and generally put himself across. Also: his natal Venus, which is in his twelfth house (ruled by Mercury), will also be affected, so he will feel the need to promote and improve his relationships with others and to establish new ones as well. The internet and electronic-media will greatly help in this regard. I note that one of his plans is to visit a school assembly which will be broadcast live over the web.

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