Fun Candy Bar Favors For All Occasions

Favors are not always included in party festivities, but they are always a fun addition to any celebration. They are a unique way of giving guests something to go home with that can be completely personalized to the event. Some favors are meant to be saved as a reminder of a milestone in life, and some are meant to be used right away. Candy bar favors are a lot of fun, and can be personalized for just about any event in which you would want to hand something out to your guests to take home. The next time you need favors, consider having these for your guests.

Candy bar favors are all about the wrappers. These can be just about anything that you need. For the most part, you can use any type of candy bar that you wish for your wrappers. However, most are designed to fit snugly around the traditional Hershey milk chocolate bar. These can be plain, and some come with almonds. If you are worried that some guests may have allergies, perhaps you should go with the plain chocolate. Don’t worry though, there are few people on earth that do not love chocolate!

You can get candy bar favors that already include the chocolate, or you can get them so that you can put them on your own bars if you wish. That is up to you. If you get your own bars you already know they are good. Some chocolate just does not measure up. Request a sample before you buy if you want to get the entire candy bar and wrapper together when you order. If not, you can get the wrappers and do them on your own. It will take a little time, but they are easy to put on and secure before your event.

Before you order, you have to decide what you want to have on your candy bar favors. If you look around, you can see what others have used for certain events. Some companies have standard candy bars that you can order, or you can personalize them. Personalization is a lot of fun and definitely the way to go if you are getting these for a baby shower, wedding, or a birthday. You can get just about any color you want, and you can fill in the blanks with some companies for easy choices if you are not sure what you want to do.

When ordering your candy bar favors, order early. If you are getting them personalized with names, dates, and other personal information, there is always the chance that something could be printed wrong on the wrappers. If this were to happen, whether it be your fault or their fault, they will probably reprint them for you, but you have to have time to get it done. If you wait until the last moment, you won’t have time for reprinting and re-mailing before you big event. Though the mix up could be comical, you really want it done right. Give yourself enough time to make sure it is.

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