God Is So So So So So So Good!!!

I don’t have words really to express how grateful I am to know my God. God has done so many wonderful things for me  that there really is nothing that I can say that would be good enough to say how good he is. So all I am going to say is Thank you, thank you and thank you again Father for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon us all. Today is friday and the sabbath starts this evening at Sunset, as you will see there won’t be any posts done by the Administrators on the things we talk about blog because of the sabbath that we intend on keeping holy. God is too good for us not to take a day off to give him all the praise and glory that he and only he deserves. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to be a part of this blog. I hope that you truly have a blessed weekend and may God be with you everywhere that you may go. 

God Bless….


  1. I am grateful for everything God has done for me. He got me out of so much things and from where I came from I wouldn’t be where and who I am today. Things may not go as expected but, everything always falls in place. I am blessed to have my family, frends, and my Godly sisters (Serenity) in my life. Never have regrets just take a step back look at the situation and you’ll see the purpose of the outcome. God bless.

  2. i just want to piggy ride off of that and just say that if someone don’t have God, they don’t have anything. You are basically dead. God is so good to me that sometimes I just be asking him, Why are you so good to me when i am so bad to you? But i realized that i will never understand God’s love in this body that i am in right now. there are even to describe just how great he is, in all his majesty he continually provide for me. i just love God so much and i just hope and pray that we would start taking him seriously.

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