Mom who had Octuplets, admits they were a mistake

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold a minute. Is this lady for real? She made her decision and now she’s saying that those poor babies were a mistake. She actually made this admission while on Dr. Phil’s show which you can see for yourself on, where they show pieces of the interview. She now has 14 kids, no job, and not much to offer them and now she want’s to say they were a mistake. Listen, once a person chooses to either lay down and take it or chooses to have a procedure such as in vitro fertilization or whatever it may be, this is something that you chose to do and no child should be considered a mistake, you should have just thought about what you were getting yourself into before you did anything. 

Crazy stuff……

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  1. The doctor is just as crazy as her. He should have done a psychiatric evaluation first, and second do an income verification, to make sure she could provide for her children. You the funniest thing is that she has a publicist. I guess this was her way to get 15 minutes of fame. Poor children. She should perhaps consider adoption.

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