Rihanna and Chris back together?

After all is said and done, it’s been reported that Rihanna decided to give Chris another shot at love. I guess there are some things that can be forgotten, or is there?  Is there any love that is worth your life? So many of us give up so much to be with the people we love. Sometimes it can be a job, other family members, school, our goals and even dreams but how many of you would give up your life literally to be with someone that can potentially take it away? Can love conquer all like it is or are some people truly oblivious to what can potentially come of certain dangerous situations? Just a thought!!


  1. I am not really surprise because those Hollywood people they always acting like that. so i hope that story isn’t going to repeat again.

  2. Hey man, it’s all ok to give all these ideas and talks about how I wouldn’t do this or that. But when in reality, when we are in the same situation we see things differently. Again, I am not promoting being in an unhealthy relationship, no no no. However, really though, love or lust whatever you want to call it is kind of funny that way. It’s all good to give advice on someone else’s love interest but when we are in the same situation we tend to ignore those same advices. What I am saying is people, give the girl a break, let her do what she thinks is best for her. When you are in the same situation if ever, then you’ll know for sure will do this and I will do that.

  3. oh my god this is crazy .. i cant believe it .. better yet she’s crazy !! but we’ll see .. she’ll learn .. experience is the best teacher ..

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