9 year old girl pregnant?

According to a report on News Australia and mediatakout.com a nine  year girl is pregnant with twins. She may have to abort the babies because her body isn’t prepared or structured yet for such a thing. It’s also been reported that the father of the babies may be the child’s stepfather. The step father raped his step daughter and in order to keep her quiet he paid her about 42 cents. In Brazil where this happened, abortion is illegal except when it has to do with rape. Unbelievable. How can someone do this to a child? This is past disgusting. So many people are unaware of how many cases there are of this all around the world and it’s so important that we bring more awareness to these cases and help anywhere we can. So many young girls are affected by this and it’s important that parents especially mothers are more careful about the people you let come into your lives and your children’s lives. Keep this little girl and all other little girl’s in this situation in your prayers.


  1. What are u talking about, things like this is happening everyday all around the world. and its crazy, to be honest i don’t have kids yet but something like that would happen to my child i would have to kill that man!!! real talk…

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