What do girls look for in a guy?

What do girls look for in a guy truly depends on each girl. Taste is something that truly cannot be explained, it varies from person to person and can change without one even realizing it. Most girls tend to look at an array of things when on the quest of finding the right one for them.

Some girls are attracted to guys solely based on their looks. They need to find a guy that’s attractive and what we call eye candy. He has to have a certain height, dress a certain way, and have that body to go along with it. No bird chests for these type of girls.

Some girls may be attracted to a guy based on his personality. They may love the way he speaks, they may fall for his smile, his approach towards them. They may fall for his charm. Some girls tend to actually look for a guy that possess a great quality prior to looking at the way he may look. If he is a looker and he has a great personality than that would be consider a plus.

Some girls are looking for the players. Hard to believe, but it is true. Some girls can’t help but be attracted to guys that will end up cheating on them or give them constant grief. Why? Only those type of girls can really explain.

Other girls looks for the guy that doesn’t like to say much, not that he has a lack of personality but maybe he’s more shy or reserved. He’s the more laid back type that takes his time to make his move. Some girls believe it or not are attracted to the guys that isn’t constantly trying to, what I like to call, spit game to them.

So basically,  like I said early on, what attracts a girl to a guy just really depend on the girl herself. Different girls, different attractions.

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