Should Women use Sex as a weapon

Sex as a weapon, definitely one of the things we need to talk about. Sex is a a very common aspect of most relationships. It is the aspect of the relationship that most find to be the most enjoyable and one that can really bring a couple closer together. Yet, it is also the aspect of a relationship that can equally tear a couple apart. You see, in a relationship this specific activity has to be agreed upon by both parties, both people willingly agree to engage themselves in having sex. Yet, what we find sometimes is that one party may not necessarily be up to having sex for one reason or another.

Well today, the focus is on the ladies. Women tend to use sex as a way to coerce their men into getting their way. If they want something to happen then they know that this would be the perfect opportunity to get their man to do it. They figure that if the guy wants it bad enough then he will do exactly what it is she wants, so she uses sex as a tool to get her way. Is it right for a woman to use her body or sexuality rather as a means to get her way?

Another example on the way women tend to use their sexuality as a weapon is when they are upset. When a woman is angry, her sexual drive tends to find it’s way out the door, which bascially means that the guy isn’t getting any. This is as real as it gets. Is it right for a married woman that is supposed to be one with her husband, keep herself away from him in that sense?

It’s amazing the way that guys can go all googoo gaga over women and not even realize the traps that they are being led into. So both ladies and gents what do you think, should sex be used a weapon in any shape or form in a relationship. If no, then why? And if yes, then why and when should it be used?

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, this is what it’s about!


  1. Definitly not I say!!! It is both despicable and disrespectful for either sex to be treating their significant other in such a manner. Sex is a NEED rather than a WANT. Just as I will go to great lengths to make sure that my wife is satisfied and wants for nothing sexually I have in return the right to expect that she will do the same for me and to be met with refusal because either one of you is being selfish and using it as leverage in an argument would be inviting infidelity in your home. A huge sign of disrespect to say the least and for me personally that would be a deal breaker. Having sex used as a weapon against me I think i’ll not be playing that game. I dare say that if this is the fashion your married or coupled life carries out in that you ought not be together in the first place and there is very little respect or communication between you.

  2. Not only does my wife withold sex she threatens to divorce me and take everything I have ever worked for everytime she doesn’t get her way. For example, she wanted a new Infinity, she witheld sex and then threatened ruining me until I bought her one. I’ve been with 30-40 women and they are all basically the same although they will say different.

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