Second Chances, Do we really Believe in that?

secondChancesSecond chances, do we really believe in that or is it just a saying? Is it really a Human Right? Over the past few weeks I have been hearing different people’s point of view and opinion in regards to Michael Vick’s signing with the Eagles. What exactly is the problem, I don’t know! I thought we were a people of second chances or least that’s what I have thought it to be growing up.  I guess my question is who should be given a second chance and who shouldn’t? Who decides when to it is granted or not? It is very easy to point fingers and blame others for the wrong they have done in their life, can you just imagine that God only allow us one chance and that’s it, or if HE decides what we should have a second chance for? I am not sure about you all but I don’t think God put a limit on what we get second chances for.

We have deliberately crucified him again and again and right after we ask for forgiveness and expected to be forgiven. What about our fellow men do we do the same as they wrong us and expect us to forgive them? Just as a story goes in the bible, please don’t quote me (lol) about a man who was in debt and he pleaded his case to the King and the King free him of all his debts however, that same man had someone that owed him as well, instead of doing the same thing the King did for him he didn’t. Why don’t we do to others as we would like do to us? Please understand I am not saying that people should do things and get away with it.


Second chances, does it really apply when it is in reference to us?

What should we get second chances for?

Who decides that?

Let me know what you think….

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  1. Since we are human, we all mess up. I think we should give and get a second chance for anything. It doesn’t matter what we do God always give us a second chance, why can’t we do the same? Give even a third chance if we have to.

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