Keeping The Flame Of Love

Relationshps are an essential part of social living. People need other people in their lives. Human beings have been designed for that need to have another person to share their life with. Nature pushes this and it has its own reasons like the survival of the species for instance. Yet it’s not just about the natural urges in human relationships.

Romantic relationships in people are a lot different from any other species in the animal kingdom. It is totally more complicated. Animals pair up in a flash. Then once they get together, all they have to do is just to procreate and take care of the offspring until it gets old enough to fend for himself.

For humans, things are a lot messy. Pairing up is not just about sniffing each other or scratching each other’s back. It often involves a complicated series of events like dating, courtship, romantic poems and all the complexities of a relationship.

But it’s not just starting off that’s comples. A lot more complications come in when you try to make things work This time it takes a lot more than just the flowers or the chocolates.

It’s not that easy to make a relationship work. But when you find the right person, it’s definitely all worth it.

A lot of couples might think of fancy dates and gifts to keep the love alive. But when you actually ask couples who have beaten the odds of time in their relationship, they would say that the simple things are the ones that actually matter more.

You don’t need to have a lot in order to make a relationship work. The key word there is that you try. It needs equal effort from both sides. It’s nice to get gifts and other material things but it is more important to make more sincere gestures like writing romantic poems or gifting images of love. Unfortunately, a lot of couples take this for granted which causes them to fall apart.

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