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First I’d just like to say thanks for taking the time out and secondly many thanks for reading this. I’ve never done wrote something like this before in my life therefore anything can happen. You are probably thinking who am I and what am I writing about?

Well , I’m Jamie Gough and for the last twenty two years of my life I’ve been an Alcoholic, yes I know it’s nothing to be proud of and yes if you look at it I have wasted twenty two years of my life drinking Alcohol everyday to put it mildly. As people used to call me a waste of a life or a waste of space!

I am now 65 years old and for the last two years of my life I have been Alcohol free, and to be honest I had no choice in the matter, “either give up or die” that is what my doctor told me. It took me about a mille second to make my mind up.

I was married and I have 2 lovely kids which I had never seen for 16 years. I look back it now and think to myself, how could I have been so stupid, not seeing my children for 16 years, yes it was my own fault, and please don’t feel guilty for me, that is not why I’m writing this.

I prefer to tell you drinking isn’t and mustn’t be part of your lives, if you want to enjoy the things in life which matter!

When my spouse left me and took our beautiful children with her I was 46 and drinking everyday, she kept telling me to “go and sort my problems out or I will leave and take the children with me”, and like always I thought I know what was best, and I would always tell her “I do not have a drinking issue”. Well that day came and I must admit that was the worst day of my life.

It was a bit like somebody inserting there hand into my chest and slowly turning my insides round I think people call it a “gut wrench feeling”. After that I took the simple option out, which is what 97% of individuals do with anything in there lives “the easy option”, and I just continued drinking increasingly more and I never even thought about my kids and wife anymore.

I know that as my kids grew older, now my ex-wife would always tell them about me, she never said anything nasty about me to them, and I respect her for that.

I was the grand age of 62, when I got a knock on my door one morning, and there was the young tall lad was standing there , smelling of vodka from the night before I opened the door, and asked “can I help you son?”, and to his reply he said “are you Jamie Gough?” if so I am your son. Well at first I thought this was some sort of joke, and after a long conversation and looking at several pictures he’d brought round I would released this was my son which I would never seen for sixteen years.

He would come to tell me he was getting married, and asked me two vital questions.

1 – I would like you to come to our wedding

2 – But you must be alcohol free

My answer was, “I would love to son”. So the next day I went and so my local physician and asked for his help, and that’s when he said “either give up or you’re going to die”. I guess you can’t be any more honest than that.

I attempted everything out there you could think of, and to honest nothing appear to be working, and then my son came across this website I did not have much money so my son purchased this for me. I had just over 2 years to sort myself out and with the help of my son and this extraordinary audio and book I did it. It took me 6 months, and I have never touched a drop since.

Indeed it was a very long and very hard journey for me, and it was worth each and every minute, nothing on the planet may take that day from me watching my son walking down the aile to get married, I simply hope I am still here to watch my daughter get married to.

So why have a I wrote this; One you’re never to old in life to quit drinking or stop anything, and if a 63 year old can do it you can as well. and the other well there are lots of things in life that are a lot more significant than having a drink, that’s the easy option , for once why don’t you try the difficult option, the rewards are far greater.

I know there’re people out there like me, and people who are in a similar situation, there’s help and I may highly recommend stop drinking advice there’s no harm in trying anything you simply need to choose the right one which works for you, and it worked for me so it should work for you.

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