How do I know if he or she is the one?

lastingHey everyone, let me just say that it feels so good to be back writing and just sharing some of my thoughts with all of you. Ok enough mushy talk..let’s get to it.

How do you know if you have found the person that your supposed to spend the rest of your life with? I think that this is absolutely one of the hardest things to know. Many times when we find ourselves  in a relationship, especially in the beginning we say that “oh yeah he/she is definitely the one” and then a few months down the line when things don’t seem as peachy or wonderful as they once were, we begin to seek for that “other one.”

Well, the reality is that we won’t ever find the one were supposed to be unless we try to make things work. Now I am not saying if your with someone and after a few months you really don’t feel like it’s going anywhere then to stay in the relationship but you should always attempt to find ways to make it work (definitely feel another post coming for this one). So I know what your thinking, what makes me such an expert? Well the reality is I’m not but over the years I have seen and have experienced a lot and have been in my relationship for quite sometime so I think it’s safe to share some things that have made ours work and have allowed me to feel like he’s the one for me.

First and foremost, I truly believe that if someone wants to have a relationship that will bring you more joy than sorrow, you have to place God at it’s center.  In any relationship, I think it’s so important to have someone that’s going to respect you, both of you should have a mutual respect for each because that is where the trust and faithfulness stems from. You also need to know that the person understands and cares for your well being. They have to love you for who you are and encourage you to be what you can be. They have to be strong for you when you are weak and you have to be able to return these things unto them.

You have to know that you can trust them with your well being and if you plan on having children, with their well being too. You have to be able to talk things out and communicate when someone just isn’t going right. Don’t let problems build because they will eventually cause the demise of your relationship. It’s so important to talk things out and work things out, even when you may not want to. The longer a problem lasts, the more reasons you start to find why this person isn’t the one for you, so fix it before it gets to that point. There are so many more things I would like to share but my time is up….so this is a definite to be continued…..Please share your thoughts and comments below, they are all greatly appreciated!



  1. Well most things in life are not easy because if they were easy then we would all do good things. That’s why we have to try harder and harder every day and see if we make things happened a day at a time.

  2. Hey everyone,it breaks my heart when I see women that they give themselves so much in a relationship only for their heart to be trampled on. Sometimes, I think we force things that just aren’t there, rather then letting them go. I say if you know in your heart of hearts that he or she isn’t the one then let them go.

  3. I understand and you do make a point. But sometimes, the girl tries her best to make it work but the guy doesn’t try at all. On top of all this, he doesn’t want her to leave. And, she loves him too much and keeps on trying until her last breath.

  4. Well, Destiny that is a different subject of itself. I had a discussion with a couple of my friends not too long ago about someone cheating, different people will have different opinion, some poeople will stay and some won’t. However, based on this post I am sure if that person is the right person for you, he would not want to hurt you by cheating on you. Then again, you feel that the person is right for you, does he feels that you are right for him? It has to be a two way street. If you are right for him and he for you, you will not want to hurt each other. I don’t know if anyone else agrees.

  5. Yeah i understand but what if that person cheats not just once but many times or the person does things repeatedly even after you’ve discussed together and he or she said he or she will try not to do it but still does it….when is it enough.

  6. I love this topic. The writer made a good point. You have to bring joy than sorrow, respect. Those are the best key in a relationship. But some people don’t know that. I feel so sorry for them.

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