Spiritual Growth: Don’t give up on God because he never gives up on you!

Don’t give up on God


So many times, I find myself wondering exactly how exactly God will make a way out of what seems to be no way. I’m not sure how many of you may feel like this but I find this to be more times than I can actually count. The saddest part of all is that anytime I find myself in a situation and I really don’t know how it will turn out, I begin to doubt and forget at how good God has been to me and how he has done things for me beyond my wildest dreams.

You see, God ask us to do something that is so simple, which is trust and believe in him and know that he will never let us down, you see where God sits on his throne, no one can move him. He reigns forever and despite what life may throw our way, he is ultimately in control. To say that we will not go through rough patches is an understatement, sometimes I feel like the devil will continously test us to see if we will forget how good God truly is but we just have to remember that the devil is a liar and that he never wins in any battle against the True and Faithful.

Now one thing I know I have struggled with is, I’m doing everything that God is asking me to do but yet I still feel like God isn’t answering my prayers, what is that about? Well, I think it goes back to what I have said before God works in ways that is simply beyond our imaginations. God answers prayers and does things on his time and that’s just something that we can’t change but we can learn to appreciate because God knows what we need and when we need it. Again he will never let us down, so we shouldn’t let him down by not believing in his power.

I know we all go through things in this life that can make us start to wonder about the power of God, but it is so important that we bring ourselves back to those times where he has made a way when we knew there was absolutely no way.  I just want to thank God for all of the things he has done and will continue to do on my behalf in my life. I hope you all can do the same! God Bless!


  1. I also believe that God never lets his own people down. And even if it seems all may not be going well now, he has not forgotten you. God’s ways are not our ways and he does things in his own appointed time… @ Rita, I think you should just endure a little longer, God doesn’t disappoint. With time ur troubles will be over

  2. Really? I am giving up on God…..12 yearsof continuous disaster…one after another that I can no longer even catch my breath….no real God would seriously make one person endure pain every day of their life without at least letting up a little. I’m tired and just want to rest…and some quiet….so my mind can stop. I remember good days….many many years ago when I enjoyed living……those days are long gone…what is the point?

    • Hi Rita I could not possibly know what you are going through but God work on his own tike and some time we are rushing him. Take for instance the lady that had the blood problem for 12 years it took that long for her to be cured. It take lots and lots of faith a perseverance sometimes.. you can give up on God he will never give up on you.. if you need someone to talk about for encouragement, you can contact me..

  3. Well all we can do is believe in God. When I’m going through something I tend to try to find the solutions, forgetting that God is right there shaking his head woundering why I’m making such a fool of myself. I learned to let God handle his bussiness which is mine also. I’m learning to trust him and leaving what i know I can’t handle to him.

  4. You are right!!!! We are all humans and it’s easier for us to forget about all the good things that God has done for us once we are going through some stuffs. We like to say God is good, He’s wonderful, powerful etc…. but once something is wrong, we start complaining. However, if we really let God handle everything and pray ardently and constantly. If when we are going through something, we pray more than complain God will take care of it. And we will be able to grow spiritually and trust God more.

  5. I agree with the both of you, but this is easier said than done. Sometimes people get themselves in situations where they can’t possibly see themselves getting out of and some don’t see why GOD would even deliver them out again. How does a person strenghthen their faith in GOD and how can they reassure themselves that GOD will come through?

  6. Yes, I have to agree and many times we are going through tough times all we tend to do is complain about it instead of praying about the tough times.

  7. That’s right, when you have a problem, or you going through something all you have to do is pray. And no worries everything will be fine.

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