How to Ask a Girl Out?



How to Ask a Girl Out on a date

 Asking her out, the biggest test that you will face in your lifetime, bigger than any SATs or any graduate examination you must have ever turned up for! Well, quite truly, owing to the fact that asking girls out can be a tricky affair and there is no set defined way to success when it comes to this aspect of dating.

Heck, this is not even an aspect of dating; it is the first pre-step for dating and thus more important than the date itself. This is why it is important that you know how to ask a girl out and how to build it up and conclude it properly. This way you can ensure that you are being neither too forthcoming nor too shy, as either of these two qualities will ruin her interest in you. Here are the 2 tips how you can ask her out and not be crossed out by her:

1.      Get To Know Her First

One thing that most boys and men mistakenly do when they are asking a girl out for the first date is that they end up doing it too early by misinterpreting the signals that they think that the girl is sending to them. This is why it is recommended that you follow the age old motto of slow and steady wins the race when it comes to asking a girl out. You will need to know her in a good enough manner, if not comprehensively, in order to understand the signals that she relays and ask her out in the meantime. This will also help you to plan the date properly and not end up arranging something that she doesn’t have a taste for.

One thing that you must remember in this case is the fact that delaying asking her out for too long in the pursuit of knowing her might have the reverse adverse effect wherein she ends up losing all interest in you. This is why relationship experts can’t stress enough on the importance of being able to hit the perfect middle path between the two extremes in this scenario.

 2.      Offer Casual Invitation

When you are asking her out for the first date for the first time, you must keep in mind that you will not need to make a huge affair out of it. On the contrary making a huge affair will have adverse effects on her and might freak her out. Instead you are suggested to keep it simple and casual when you are asking her out for the first time. It must sound like a casual invitation instead of seeming like asking her out for a candle lit dinner at a five star hotel.

The simple invitation can be anything from having coffee at the university café or going to a game of a team whom you both support. Choose the casual activity carefully in order to ensure that it is according to her liking.

These 2 tips for asking out a girl will be extremely helpful if properly implemented and will give you near cent percentage success rates! If you’re bothered about things like, getting past awkward silences, finding fun topics to talk about, or how to keep calm and look confident in front of women, this nice guy’s guide to success with women can be of great help to you.


  1. QUICK QUESTION: What if she says maybe or i’ll think about it. Do you wait for her to make a decision, or remind her about it every day or something like that? Maybe even tell her to make up your mind right now!!!

    I am very particular about my image and self respect.. Just wondering if any girl dares to hurt it in any way.. God, I don’t want to see that day 🙁

    • Well I remember when I asked my girl soon to be wife out she said Maybe but she gave me a reason why and a time frame. So if she says maybe you may have to ask her to give you a time frame just make sure that you are not going to keep bugging her. Some girls like the fact that you will ask every day but others may not like it. So you would have to know which one you are dealing with to know which approach to take. Don’t worry about getting hurt it’s part of the process. Just because the person says no doesn’t mean you should be hurt for that.

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