Effectiveness of Finesteride (Finasteride) in fighting male baldness

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The Effective use of Finesteride to combat male baldness

First and foremost, let us understand what Finesteride is?  It is a medication prescription that treats loss of hair in men.  When there is a drop in the DHt levels in a male, he would start losing hair.  As per research, Finesteride has helped reduce the problems of male baldness.  It is definitely an effective treatment for people who want to ensure that they not get bald.

Not effective for women

Women may not find Finesteride as effective as compared to men.  Moreover, pregnant women should refrain from taking this medicine as it could affect the genital organs of the baby inside the womb.

Uses of Finasteride

It aids in preventing hair loss from mild loss to medium hair loss.  Also, regular use of Finesteride also helps in hair regrowth and slowing down the hair loss process.  People have seen good results within ninety days of using it.  There is an improvement in the DHT levels that help in hair growth.  Though it is definitely helpful for males, one needs to check with their doctor before beginning the course of medicine.  Finesteride is available at all pharmacy stores.  Find out about the ingredients or chemical composition of the medicine. Check the date of the drug so that you are assured that it is fresh.

Side effects of Finasteride

Generally, after using it for more than one month or so, there are minimal side effects.  Few people may not be able to tolerate the medicine and at times, they may have a problem of dizziness or nausea.  The right dosage would ensure that the side effects are considerably reduced.  Males may suffer from erectile dysfunction if the medicine has not been taken in the right dosage.  The man may find it difficult to maintain his erection and this will affect his overall life.

There have been other side effects like Gynecomastia where the man begins to develop mammary glands and this can be quite unsightly.  The reason for this is the hormonal imbalance that takes place when ingesting Finasteride. Depression and irritable mood are other side effects of the drug.  Hence, the doctor’s prescription has to be adhered to when taking these medicines.

The drug has also been banned by sports associations as it contains steroids. This is not good for the body in the long run.  Steroids increase the performance of the person temporarily which is not healthy for the body.  There have been many male athletes who have taken Finasteride and have also suffered in their personal as well as professional life.


Last but not the least; Finasteride is an ingredient that helps in fighting problems of male baldness. But just like any other drug, it surely has its share of side effects like insomnia, depression, irritation and so on.  Abuse of this drug or over-consumption can also be dangerous to the body.  Decreased sex drive has also been attributed to the use of Finasteride.  About two percent of population who take the drug has been affected by it.

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