Zoladex for Prostate Cancer

Zoladex prostate cancer drug

Zoladex prostate cancer drug

Zoladex for Prostate Cancer Patients

Zoladex, that is sometimes referred to as Goserelin is mainly a hormonal therapy that is used for to treat cancer of the prostate and it can also be used for other cancer cells such as breast cancer.

Zoladex how will it works:

This medical care interferes with the production and action of the interstitial cell-stimulating hormone or gonadotrophic hormone which is created within the endocrine and is needed to manage the production of testosterone, the main male endocrine created within the testicles. The primary goal behind the hormone therapy is stopping the body from making testosterone so as to slowly cut back the speed of cancer growth or stop its growth utterly and or maybe even cause it to shrink.

This is how Zoladex is administered

Zoladex is giving with an injection within the abdomen skin within the subcutaneous layer once in four weeks or twelve weeks just in case of longer-acting medication. This sort of medication is also known as depot injection which means that body absorbs the drug gradually over time. The injection is also administered by a general Dr. or a practiced nurse.

Benefits of Zoladex as a Treatment for Prostate Cancer:

Zoladex is an approved medication for treating Stage IIB-III adenocarcinoma and it may even be combined with other drugs Eulexin along with radiation. Zoladex is a painkilling drug which implies that it aids in decreasing the symptoms of cancer although it cannot cure it. It helps in easing pain and micturition issue related with the condition.

Possible side Effects of Zoladex:

Everyone will react to medications differently, whereas some may barely have side effects, others may affect by some of the side effects. Following are some of the common, less common and rare side effects that one might undergo with this medication:

Common side Effects:

10% of the people that use Zoladex experience some of the side effects:

  •  Impotence or issues getting erection caused by the reduction in testosterone production. The problem generally improves within 3-12 months post treatment.
  •  Skin rashes
  • Sweats and hot flushes also caused because of the reduction in testosterone levels. This side result happens in hour of the treated patients
  • Painful joints
  • Tumor aptitude which can increase the pain within the first few days into the medicine
  • Low physical attraction or interest in sex

Occasional side Effects:

These are seen in 1-10% of the patients treated with Zoladex.

  •  Headaches
  • Skin bruising where the injection was administered
  • Sick feeling
  • Weight gain

Rare side Effects:

These are seen in less than 1% of the treated patients.

  •  Blood pressure changes occur within the first few days of medication however goes back to traditional gradually
  • Treatment for long periods will cause bone thinning which could be treated with bisphosphonate medicine
  • Change in glucose levels

Delay in Injection:

Not taking the injections for about 2-3 days is not problematic however not taking one can be dangerous. The medications are designed to last a period of 4-week or 12-week counting on the prescribed preparation and they ought to be frequently administered. Missing injections can cause the testicles to produce testosterone which is able to only lead to any blowout of the cancer.

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