Avoid the Hassle, Clear Airport Security Sooner

Recently it seems as though that traveling is such a hassle. Even for short continental flights you need to get to the airport two, even three hours early to guarantee you clear airport security. If you don’t arrive that early then you run the chance of standing in long lines and quite possibly missing your flight. As the years go on the security only continues to get more and more strict. Flying, which used to be a quite pleasant activity has turned into something people often hate.

Recently my father went on a business trip. He was only going from New York to Chicago, practically a hop, skip, and a jump when it comes of plane flights. Upon coming home he told our family about his less than fun traveling story. The airport took a flight that is only about an hour and a half and more than doubled that. He was told to get to Laguardia Airport at least two hours early to ensure that the process would go smoothly. My father said it took him close to an hour to clear airport security.

It is quite reasonable why security in airports is so tight these days, it is just rather unfortunate. My dad said that the airport in Chicago was much more streamlined than New York. It is no shocker as to why New York City’s two major airports-JFK and Laguardia made the list of worst airports in the United States last fall. It’s astonishing, with the number of people that go in and out of the tri-state area that JFK and Laguardia are not one of the best.

Thank goodness for my father, his return flight experience was much considerably better than the departure. He said that it was really easy clearing airport security without any difficulties. He didn’t have to check his bags, so he walked right up, got his ticket, then was able to go through security to the gate in less time than new york.

Eventually the future of air travel will be better than what we experience as of late. Security measures might get tighter, but there is always a better way to streamline the process. After airports in major cities like New York and all over create a secure and quicker process more people will probably go back to flying as a mode of travel. Until then we must put up with the long lines and waiting time in the major travel hubs.

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