A Bodycon Dress For Every Occasion

Many people believe that bodycon stands for body-contoured because this is what the dress actually does. That is to say, it is designed to be contoured to your body. However, the name of the dress is actually short for body conscious. While these dresses are some of the tightest on the market they are also typically rather on the short side, with a hemline that rests somewhere around the thigh area.

Owing to their clinginess, this style won’t look good on every woman. In reality the bodycon is best suited for an hourglass figure. By this we are referring to a woman who has a small waist with perfectly proportioned hips and chest. As the dress is essentially made from body clinging material, you’ll appreciate that those with curves will be better served than those without. Bodycons are generally cut for cleavage, which is why bustier women are a better match for the style.

And so those with slim figures might want to shy away from this dress. The same holds true for those with a pear figure. The pear commonly refers to large hips with a smaller bust. As these figures don’t have the curves up top to counterbalance their hips, a bodycon dress will merely accentuate the size of their bottom and show off all their other problem areas in a most unflattering way.

Of course, wearing a bodycon doesn’t simply end because you have the right figure to compliment one. There’s still any number of possibilities as to how you should wear one as well as a vast array of differing bodycon styles. As an example, numerous online shops do ranges of bodycon that feature cutouts so as to add some versatility to the dress. Check where the cutouts occur and what bits of skin you’ll have on display. If you have a toned stomach area, cutouts up the sides may can look great, but only for nightclubbing not the workplace! Also, there are a great deal of designs with cutouts over the back, including with criss-crossing straps. This is just the thing for those with nice definition in their shoulders.

And finally, if you have been blessed with fanatstic legs and are looking for a sophisticated way to wear a bodycon at work, why not try a single coloured dress with a u shape or slash neckline. Then add a cardigan for chillier or more demure moments. It’s important to remember that the tighter and sleeker the material of your bodycon, the greater the likelihood you’ll be putting your body on show. That’s why bodycon dresses are available with panells or ribs in their design as these tend to create a more reserved look.

If you are looking for a cut out bodycon dress or maybe a range of panelled bodycon dresses then you should check out these resources.

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