Josef Fritzl in the incest case is found guilty on all six charges

Recall, we’ve been talking about the man from Austria, Josef Fritzl that had been keeping his daughter in a cellar for 24 years, and had committed the act of incest with her and fathered her 7 children, and had been charged with murdering their newborn baby. Well it has been reported that Josef Fritzl was found guilty on all charges and he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. He had six charges against him and the verdict was a unaninmous one. He was found guilty on all six charges. On Wednesday in fact, Fritzl did change his plea from nonguilty on certain charges to guilty on all charges. Elisabeth, his daughter testified against him through a videotape, and it wasn’t until he saw the tape that he changed his plea. He was charged with murder because he did not seek medical help for the baby that was breathing heavily and later died. If he had seeked medical help then he  perhaps wouldn’t have been charged with murder. He was also charged with incest, rape, involvement in slave trade, and withdrawal of liberty.


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