Coffee Substitute- Cafix Instant Beverage

Cafix Instant Beverage a Coffee Substitute

So many people are trying to get away from drinking lots of coffee and are looking for a coffee-like substitute minus all the caffeine that can potentially be harmful since it is a drug, it’s a stimulant and mild diurectic and shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts. So rather than drinking lots of caffeine, why not consume something that’s natural and tastes so much better. This is especially nice if you have kids and you don’t want them to consume lots of caffeine.

Cafix is a beverage that is made out of malted barley, barley, chicory, figs and beet roots, and it’s made in Switzerland. It all natural and 100% caffeine free. Trust me when I say, it is delicious! It has only 5 calories per serving in 1 teaspoon. You can add milk if desired and a little sugar and believe me you will want to be drinking this all day. You can find it at most Natural Food Stores, and the price usually ranges from 5-7 dollars for a 3.5 OZ jar, which should last you for more than a month, if you don’t go overboard.

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