Keys to having a happy marriage, Part 2

The tips we are going to list are in no particular order, which means that none take precedance over another, nor from Part 1 of our keys to having a happy marriage. But like we promised we told you that we would have more tips coming your way.

Many people wonder how exactly can a couple be in a relationship or married for such a long time and again today we are going to uncover some secrets that can make you one of those couples. By the way, you should definitely share this with your friends or your mate, get them to read it to, then you all can apply the ones you choose to your life.

Here we go,

Tip #  4

Pray together, a family that prays together stays together. It’s important that in a home there is lots of love and support, but most importantly there also needs to God in the midst. God is love and when you leave him out of the equation, well there’s certain aspects of your relationship that ceases to exist, so put God first and let him lead your relationship into the right direction. Don’t foget that God instituted marriage ever since the Garden of Eden and it is something that he blessed.

Tip #5

Watch your thoughts; this is definitely a difficult one because sometimes when our spouse or partner makes us upset, we tend to let all things negative enter our minds. We start to think the worst of the situation and we get ready to jump ship. Whether you believe it or not, your thoughts can determine your actions. It’s best to walk away and clear your head rather than letting words come out of your mouth that do more harm than ever good.

Tip #6

Don’t go to sleep angry; it’s important that you don’t go sleep with a burdened heart, especially when it comes to the matter of love. Take the time to calm down after a situation, analyze what your going to say, and then go and talk to your spouse or partner. Let them know exactly how you feel without getting upset. Because what tends to happen, if and when you let a problem sit for too long without getting resolved, it tends to become much worse than it orginally was. So make sure that you resolve anything before you put your head on that pillow because you really don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Besides making up is always a wonderful experience.

Tip #7

Never talk of divorce; no one should get married, if you already plan on divorcing your spouse at some point in the relationship. This should be last thing anyone resorts to if even at all. Try to work on your relationship, and if you can’t do it alone, then seek counseling, make sure you try everything you possibly can to make the relationship work.

Tip #8

Don’t criticize or nag your spouse; this one is so important. One of the things people forget when they get into a relationship is that their partner isn’t going to be perfect, ever. They are going to do certain things that you may not be used to or even like. It’s important that you learn to love their faults and not let them drive you insane. Women, the more you nag a man, the less he listens. Men don’t criticize your women, try to help them by showing them you support them and love them. No matter what, you should always look for the good in people and overlook their faults.

Tip #9

Don’t overwork; this goes for both men and women, it’s important that you always find time to spend with your family and special time to spend with your partner. Work is important, but you must realize that your family is much more important. We all know that some people have to work extra hard to make ends meet, but in this time, be certain to remind your loved ones that you love them and your thinking about them constantly.

Tip #10

Respect each other’s privacy and personal things; this is what at times can cause a lot of problems and one of the tips that I am certain many people may disagree with, yet it is still very important. Every relationship needs to have trust, if you have your trust issues, then deal with them prior to getting into a relationship. Love should no, no jealousy. Spend less time worrying about his emails, text messages, phone calls and more time focused on your relationship. Difficult? I know, but nonetheless, it’s important to establish the trust. Believe me, if you need to know something about what your spouse is up to, it will come in due time and if you feel something just isn’t right, then talk to him/her about it.

Wow, I think we covered a lot for one day, but trust me when I say there is still more to come. Even if your not married, these tips are still helpful if you want to establish a relationship that you want to last. I hope these tips help….


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