What Causes Irregular Menstrual Periods

Prior to knowing more about the cause of irregular periods, it is necessary to understand what an irregular period is. Bear in mind that all females have different cycles with regards to menstrual period. For some, the cycle takes 28 days while it may take as much as 35 days for the rest. A number of women may also encounter light flow or spotting while others experience heavy menstrual flow. A normal period may last for 3 to 7 days. Irregular periods, nonetheless, are described as missed period or late cycles. Moreover, women experiencing abnormally heavy flow or having 2 periods per cycle are also encountering irregular monthly period.

Irregular Period Causes

* Hormones control monthly period, any disturbance within these hormones triggers an imbalance, which could cause irregular periods in females.

* Another common cause of irregular period is stress and anxiety. In case you feel concerned a lot about school or work, this can affect your menstrual cycle, therefore resulting to irregular menstruation.

* Rapid weight loss or weight gain also affects menstruation. Keep in mind that eating habits plays a huge role with regards to controlling menstrual periods.

* One other reason why a woman is having irregular menstrual period is related to excessive exercises. Too much exercise could lead to sudden loss of body fats, consequently resulting to missed periods or having scanty spotting.

* For girls who have just started menstruating, abnormal periods are common for approximately 1 year.

* The start of the menopausal period may also cause irregular periods. This too is considered normal and does not call for any medical treatment.

* Childbirth is another reason why a female misses menstruation. If you miss a period after having a sexual activity, the explanation for this could be conception. In order to avoid any uncertainties, you should study how to calculate menstrual cycle symptoms.

* Excessive cigarette smoking and consuming alcohol can also stimulate irregular periods. Those who abuse drugs may also have irregular menstruation, and also those who consume oral contraceptives.

* A number of STD’s can also result to irregular menstruation.

* Medical conditions like PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome and uterine abnormalities may result in irregular periods at the same time and these demand medical attention.

Irregular Period Solutions

One thing that must be done is to monitor the monthly period to find out if there are any modifications. This can help avoid pointless worries and to eliminate any medical concerns. In case there are noticeable issues such as excessive bleeding for long periods, severe cramps or 2 menstrual period in one cycle, it might be advisable to talk to your medical practitioner for immediate help. Preserving proper diet can be helpful in regulating body hormones, hence preventing irregular menstruation. If you are afflicted with any eating problems, opting for a treatment can help regulate your monthly period.

In addition to learning the reasons for irregular menstrual period, you should be aware of the various menstrual cycle symptoms as well to find out which are typical and which are not.

Find out more about menstrual cycle symptoms as well as the menstrual cycle phases by consulting your doctor.

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