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Wedding Engagements: A Tear Jerker

May 4, 2012 Matt Liquori 0

I was observing a special on television the other day and it was about the best weddings in the world and it was a real tear jerker. I saw some gorgeous things from pear shaped engagement rings to the most beautiful wedding gowns all the way to the wedding engagement party. If you’ve ever been to a wedding then odds are that you can relive it on Facebook, however if not, then this show would have been a tear jerker for you.

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What Causes Irregular Menstrual Periods

May 3, 2012 Joseph Butcher 0

Prior to knowing more about the cause of irregular periods, it is necessary to understand what an irregular period is. Bear in mind that all females have different cycles with regards to menstrual period. For some, the cycle takes 28 days while it may take as much as 35 days for the rest. A number of women may also encounter light flow or spotting while others experience heavy menstrual flow. A normal period may last for 3 to 7 days. Irregular periods, nonetheless, are described as missed period or late cycles. Moreover, women experiencing abnormally heavy flow or having 2 periods per cycle are also encountering irregular monthly period.