Wedding Engagements: A Tear Jerker

I was observing a special on television the other day and it was about the best weddings in the world and it was a real tear jerker. I saw some gorgeous things from pear shaped engagement rings to the most beautiful wedding gowns all the way to the wedding engagement party. If you’ve ever been to a wedding then odds are that you can relive it on Facebook, however if not, then this show would have been a tear jerker for you.

I saw the memorable wedding of Princess Diana, and let me tell you she really did look incredible in her wedding dress. It was hands down one of the most beautiful things you could ever have the pleasure of looking at. On another note, the show got me to think about a few things that normally would just slip my head. However, because of watching this show it gave me the insight to think outside of my comfort level.

The thought of marriage was always a concept that I didn’t put too much thought into, but it was a part of life that I always figured I would experience, sooner or later. After watching the TV special, I couldn’t stop thinking about pear shaped engagement rings. Ideas of a wedding engagement and bridal parties pop into my head. The only thing I wasn’t thinking was the bachelor party, oddly enough, I would rather have the thoughts of how my girl’s wedding gown would look.

It’s a crazy method and something that I’m not too sure if I fully understand yet. All I know is that when it comes to marriages, they are interesting. Every time I’m around that type of atmosphere I think about the future, which was always entertaining to me, I love to look ahead and wonder what’s going to happen next.

The idea of marriage, while it is fuzzy to me, I think that it is something that all young people look forward to. We all have friends who say they don’t want to get married, but do they really think of that? I mean really, who wants to live alone for their entire life? Getting married, to me, is more than just finding an individual to wake up next to, it finding a life mate, a best friend, and most importantly, a soul mate.

Matt is a wedding dress enthusiast that works at a social media agency. To check out her blog visit here.

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