Toning Your Muscles- An important part when losing weight!

Have you ever tried losing weight but you still feel flabby?  Well, that’s because your muscles aren’t toned. You can lose an excess amount of body fat but without toned muscles your body will never look the way you imagined it to be. In your exercise routine, it is important to add in some weights in order to start building that muscle mass. Now I know, especially what a lot of women think, I don’t want to end up looking like a man. Well, you really don’t have to especially if you lift weights that are not too heavy but just right enough for you. For instance I usually do weights that are about 3 to 5lbs for my arms and then I do some resistance training. Yes, resistance training does help you build muscle too and it’s fun to do, you can use it for both your arms and legs, in order to get those puppy’s into shape. 

The most important part in any exercise is to have fun!!

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