Is the bible inspired by God or is it a collection of man's ideas?

bible_picture1_4n4yOne of the things we talk about is the bible, where it came from, who wrote it and the inspiration behind it. The bible is used all over the world and it is a book that has met the test of time. There are a number of beliefs out there about who wrote the bible and whether or not it was inspired by God. 

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  1. Yes the bible is inspired by god . then why else would most of the things prophesied in there come true . no one is able to explain that ..

  2. The bible is definitely inspired by God no question about it. It’s an intricate collection off 66 books that was written over a span of time and has no contradictions. Did God inspire the men that wrote these 66 books, yes he did. His holy spirit guided their thoughts, he provided them with stories and showed them truths that would have allowed them to write such a book.

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