Complete Facts About The Sun

The Sun is the biggest star that can be found amongst the solar system. It is so big to the point that it contains about 98 percent of the entire mass in the solar system. It rotates about 25 days around the equator, and 36 days around the poles. [youtube:y9M8WUJxYvQ;[link:self tanner, fake bake self tanner, tanning lotion, best sunless tanning lotion];]

It has a diameter of 1,392,000 kilometer and is 109 times the total size of Earth. The Sun is divided into three major parts, and is made up of hydrogen mass and the rest is helium and other types of gasses. The Sun orbits the galactic core approximately 25,000 light years and makes a complete revolution every 250,000 years.

Inside the Sun, there are 3 basic elements which are a Core, Radiative and Convective zones. The centre is called the core, and a great energy is made here through a process that is referred to as nuclear fusion. This energy is then transferred to the closest zone called the Radiative zone. The Radiative zone makes up eighty five percent of the Sun’s radius.

The Convective zone is next to the Radiative zone and occupies a space of up to 15 percent of the Sun’s surface. The energy coming from the innermost part is moved here through stages called convection.

The layer of the Sun that can be seen outside is called the photosphere and its temperature is six thousand degrees Celsius. It looks like it is always molting because of the unrest created as a result of internal eruptions.

The photosphere is referred to as the Sun’s surface because it has photons that are able to escape into space. It is around 500 km thick, and extremely heated up, gaseous, and not something that can be seen through with ordinary eye alone.

The next area close to the Photosphere is Chromosphere. When energy emanates from the core, it moves through the Photosphere unto the Chromosphere. There are hydrogen clouds that forms at the top of it and is referred to as Faculae.

From gathered statistics, the Sun is 4.6 billion years in activity and will continue for another 5 billion years. It also predicts, the Sun will change in its last days by fusing helium into elements that are heavier. It will become very big and overcome the Earth. Then at the expiration of a billion years, it will change into what is called white dwarf and then stay another trillion years to cool down and ultimately fade into a black dwarf.

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