Win-win on the web with WordPress for your internet site platform

Gone for ever are the occasions when sites cost one or two thousand pounds to line up, and could only be updated thereafter by those with technical gifts “shrewd firms are looking to WordPress for a smarter technique to get a domain. Gary White of CBHC Chartered Accountants Essex explains what difference moving to WordPress has made for the accountancy firm.

If you have not yet heard of WordPress, possibilities are high that you will do at once. Basically, it is an open-source (free) content manager's system which allows websites to be built efficiently. While it’s best not to go it alone fully with your corporate site if you39;ve got no coding experience at all “the result is probably going to be be much more polished if you go to somebody who’s well-versed in the technology “the superb news is just that sites built this way are available for a significantly lower cost than ordinary sites.

Keep it fresh

One of the most galvanizing factors is that WordPress sites can be updated online, employing a unique log in. With only a little coaching (or some careful Googling and a little PC savvy), you can simply change the content of existing pages or post a new blog article “which is critical, since one of the standards the search sites are using these days is how ‘active ‘ a site is. Long gone are the times when a website was a static leaflet for a business; today it39;s got to be a dynamic tool.

WordPress works in a modular way, so that you can literally bolt on functionality when you want it. There are many ‘widgets ‘ which cover everything from streaming your Twitter feed onto your home page to ‘ask the gurus ‘ facilities, which permit visitors to pose questions, which are then answered by your company39;s pros, and posted online for everybody to see.

Styling is also faster than with standard site design, as there are countless thousands of free and ‘premium ‘ templates out there “all you've got to do is pick from the myriad of sophisticated selections, and then customise it with your logo and graphics, there39;s no necessity to pay top greenback to a designer. Even the paid-for ‘premium ‘ themes cost around 30, dependent upon their originator’s pricing structure, which would not even get you a couple of hours with a site designer.

Achieve results

In the event you hadn39;t already realised, we switched to a WordPress site about a year back, and have not looked back. It was created to retain all the elements of our previous site’s design that we loved, but in a dynamic package that allows us to be much more limber with our digital promoting. Because WordPress is so search-engine-friendly, and thanks to the work we’ve done boosting the content and usefulness of our site, our Google Analysing results have just shown improvement.

Thanks to the acclamation for this technology (because its benefits are simply so clear to see), there’s now tons of WordPress pros who will create you an internet site for an especially fair cost. Why don39;t you ask around your business network? You39;re bound to get a referral from someone, which is sure to be a reliable way to meet a great new supplier.

Gary White has over 35 years of experience in finance. A partner of leading accountants firm, CBHC Chartered Accountants Essex, he can provide advice on all areas of monetary planning and management. Visit the internet site for contact information and information:

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