4 Types of Qigong Techniques that are Beneficial

4 Types of Qigong Techniques that are Beneficial
4 Types of Qigong Techniques that are Beneficial

4 Types of Qigong Techniques that are Beneficial

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that ensures your body’s well-being. This practice affects your overall body and helps improve it. Regularly performing Qigong ensures a healthy mind and body. It improves your concentration power, metabolism, and energy level. Qigong focuses on the concept of good and negative energy and ensures that your body removes the negative energy out while drawing in the positive energy. Given below are four types of Qigong techniques that you will benefit from –

  1. Morning Exercises – Practice Qigong exercises early in the morning for a healthy mind and body. You can perform Tai Chi that is an ancient technique and involves different postures and movement of arms and legs. They are a little difficult, but with regular practice you can easily do them. There are several postures and techniques involved in qigong exercises and you have to keep in mind that you do not do them wrong and end up hurting yourself.
  2. Breathing – An important part of performing Qigong is breathing exercises. Breathing in a certain way calms you down and ensure the proper functioning of the body. Dress comfortably and sit down in a relaxed and calm environment. Ensure that the breathing is smooth and deep. Focus your attention on your breathing. Try alternate nostril breathing to stimulate the brain. Breathing alternately from the left and right nostril ensures that the two hemispheres get adequate oxygen.
  3. Meditation – If you are practicing Qigong meditation, be careful to read about it or have a trainer who can guide you through the proper process. Qigong practitioners say that the Walking Meditation is the better than sitting. There is a certain posture and technique of doing it, which takes time to learn. When you have mastered this technique, try Walking Meditation and different other techniques to enhance the overall effect.
  4. Self-Massage – When you are done with your exercises and meditation, perform the self-massage to wrap up the whole process. This technique involves rubbing your palms together to make them warm. Then use the warm palm to make a washing action on your face and head. Also, press you ears and eyes slightly with the warm palms. This technique leaves you relaxed and ready for your daily action.

Qigong Techniques

Qigong exercises ensure that qi or positive energy is soaked up by your body and is stored there for a long time. It uses different animal techniques to strengthen, relax and build up your energy. It also improves metabolism and immunity. The four techniques mentioned above are easy.

Do not perform these techniques for a long duration when you start out. Start at 5 minutes and then slowly increase the duration with time. Maintain a healthy diet devoid of oily, fried and too much of non-vegetarian food, to ensure a proper effect. You can also drink a lot of naturally brewed tea throughout the day in small quantities. Once you have mastered the technique and practice it regularly, you will notice the changes.

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