Facebook has a hot new home page for its members!

Hey you all, just letting you know that facebook has a new home page for all of its members. You can look at real time posts of your friends or you can hide them, whichever you like. It doesn’t seem like much has changed, so we’ll just have to wait and see how people feel about this new change. At least this time they announced that this particular change was coming. Regardless I still prefer facebook over any other, who knows that may someday change…..

If you don’t have an account you should definitely get one…it’s FREE!


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  1. This new “redesign” was clearly designed by a 5-year-old — no, I take that back…my daughter could design a better front end than they did. They took a LOT of functionality, customization, and filtering capability out of the home page (no more Live Feed, no more filtering capabilities in the News Feed with the exception of either an ALL or NOTHING setting for individual friends). They increased the font size as if we were either children or geriatrics, and cluttered the page up so much it’s difficult to find anything. They added an advertisement box at the top where it’s distracting, not helpful, and they added a “Highights” feature which isn’t helpful to anyone. They’ve removed or made difficult to find events (birthdays, etc.), and the Feed doesn’t auto-refresh anymore (Live Feed used to auto-refresh, so you didn’t have to reload the page every time). Overall, it’s a bunch of crap, and anyone who says differently doesn’t know anything about GUIs.

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