Michael Phelps said it was a mistake and all was forgiven.

Remember not too long ago, we found out about Michael Phelps, the olympian that won 8 gold medals, and the picture that was discovered of him smoking marijuana. Well it seems to be that Michael is saying that this was a big mistake in his first interview ever since the incident. Although this isn’t surprising, what is, is that it doesn’t seem like Phelps has lost that much credibility. What I’m saying that what he did should have cost him many of his endorsements, had he been anyone else then he very well may have. If you recall earlier in the week, when we spoke of Rihanna and how she may lose some of her endorsements where in her case she was the victim. How exactly our society works still continues to boggle my mind. 

What do you make of this situation?

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  1. I think our society is still double-sided. You can never deem what society will think is offensive or newsworthy. I think its a sad thing that Rihanna, who is indeed a victim and could have been killed in her attack, shoul even have to think about her losing endorsements. What are people thinking? Michael Phelps did something that was illegal. Period. End of conversation, HE should be hit where it hurts….his wallet, not Rihanna.

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