Does flirting mean different things to men and women?

Does flirting mean different things to Men and Women?

Guys and gals have different reasons as to why they flirt, or do they?

 Why do women flirt? Well, I think from a guy’s point of view and you women can disagree that women flirt because one, they are in need of attention. I think that just want to believe that they can still capture a man’s attention so they do this by doing what they may consider harmless flirting.  They may also flirt because they just think the guy is handsome or cute and worth their time. Ask any lady she’ll tell you that there is no harm in having a little fun flirting with a guy. Yet when the tables are turned and the roles are reversed women tend to have a bit of a problem seeing their men flirt. Now that we’ve established some reasons as to why women flirt, let’s take a look at the guys.

 Why do men flirt?

Well some men flirt just to see if they got it  “Game” that is. It’s just a way for them to solidify what it is they already believe. Sometimes men even flirt just to get a girl to feel good about herself, even if he isn’t interested in her. Men flirt many times just to make women feel good and lift up her self esteem. 

 Now that I’ve established what I think from a man’s point of view let me know what you think?


  1. I thinking flirting is nice but you should know the limit…I just like to throw a smile and glance but i don’t do that excessive staring to the point they step up to you. lol But I normally giggle a lot and get compliments on my smile then I say thank you and keep it moving….

  2. Some men flirt with women primarily to get sex. Some women flirt to make their patner jealous.This happens whether female or male.Of course, there are those that flirt just because they think it’s fun and don’t care of the consequences. Like all of you said,the actions should never go any futher than just flirting.

  3. i would have to agree with you elisapoo, but sometimes being too nice can be very misleading. here is what i say when it comes to flirting. a little flirting is fine but as long as you know when to draw the line. i also think that most women dont know when to draw the line. and thats when you end up with the crazy stalkers.

  4. I think that sometimes guys are mislead….for example some guys use my being polite and nice as me giving them the time of day….but it’s just that i don’t want to be rude…I don’t personally think there’s something wrong with it as long as you know your limits, I just wish that guys could catch a clue when a girl tells them that there just not interested.

  5. I feel you on that one Beauty. The thing with me is that I don’t smile a lot and when I do, girls seem to think that I am flirting with them when really I am just trying to be nice. Or when I help they think I am trying to flrt when really I am not. I get told that I flirt a lot. One of my friend actually have the R Kelly Song I’m a flirt as my ring tone when I call.


  6. I flirt “sometimes” if I need some attention. But somtimes i could just be nice and they may take it the wrong way. I have a sarcastic personality if you say somthing then I’ll play along with you. I do believe that is the reason why guys flirt.

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