Does flirting mean different things to men and women?

Does flirting mean different things to Men and Women?

Guys and gals have different reasons as to why they flirt, or do they?

 Why do women flirt? Well, I think from a guy’s point of view and you women can disagree that women flirt because one, they are in need of attention. I think that just want to believe that they can still capture a man’s attention so they do this by doing what they may consider harmless flirting.  They may also flirt because they just think the guy is handsome or cute and worth their time. Ask any lady she’ll tell you that there is no harm in having a little fun flirting with a guy. Yet when the tables are turned and the roles are reversed women tend to have a bit of a problem seeing their men flirt. Now that we’ve established some reasons as to why women flirt, let’s take a look at the guys.

 Why do men flirt?

Well some men flirt just to see if they got it  ”Game” that is. It’s just a way for them to solidify what it is they already believe. Sometimes men even flirt just to get a girl to feel good about herself, even if he isn’t interested in her. Men flirt many times just to make women feel good and lift up her self esteem. 

 Now that I’ve established what I think from a man’s point of view let me know what you think?

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