Top 5 Friendship Flowers To Send As A Friendship Day Gifts

Flowers To Send As A Friendship Day Gift


Following the success and popularity of friendship day in the United States, people in other countries also started observing the tradition of dedicating this day to friendship and friends. Now, friendship day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by several countries including India. People celebrate the day by spending time with friends and by exchanging gifts, greeting cards and flowers. Flowers are among the popular friendship day gifts because they convey emotions in the best way. Owing to such impact, flowers are attached with different meanings based on their colours and fragrances. There are numerous flowers that denote friendship, loyalty and compassion. Mentioned below are the top 5 flowers that are best to present as a friendship day gift.




Yellow Rose

Roses are among the most popular flowers for the purpose of gifting. These are the most enduring symbols of love and friendship and, therefore, these are the most admired. Roses come in different colours and each colour donates different feelings and expressions. For instance, a red rose symbolizes passionate love whereas a yellow one evokes a feeling of happiness and true friendship. You can gift a single stick of a yellow rose or a bouquet to wish some one a happy friendship day.



Daffodil is often associated with human emotions such as true friendship, new beginning, hope, chivalry and rebirth. Daffodil, also associated with Narcissus, has a trumpet-shaped structure with a star-shaped background. The flower is highly popular for its appealing beauty and is commonly available in golden or yellow colour. So, make this friendship day more colourful and special by sending daffodils as a friendship day gift.










Peruvian Lily

Peruvian Lily expresses devotion and friendship. It also denotes immense support and love for the receiver.So,sending Peruvian lilies is always a wise choice. Available in a variety of shades, these flowers express your most playful sentiments. The flower has a long vase life and, therefore, is perfect to send as friendship day gift to someone.


As per the language of flowers, the message that can be conveyed through an Iris is “Your friendship is very precious for me.” In addition to this, Iris denotes, courage, hope, admiration and wisdom. The flower comes in a rainbow of colours; the most popular ones are of the purple and blue variety. Owing to its beauty and uniqueness, the flower is best to gift to someone you really admire.


Chrysanthemum also symbolizes friendship, especially in Japan. In Japanese culture, the flower is exchanged between friends to express emotions such as affection. It’s said that a single petal of Chrysanthemum encourages a healthy and long life if placed at the bottom of a wine glass. These flowers are also available in various colours but the most popular are yellow and white. So, on this friendship day, include a stick or bunch of Chrysanthemum in your friendship day gift and bring a smile to your friend’s face.



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