Women’s Fashion – Essential Summer Style Advice

Each season brings to it a fashion statement. The summer of 2011is nearing and it isn’t any different when it comes to bringing fashionable design to the forefront. The hot must-haves this season are the flirty pleated sun dress, cropped white jeans, flowing tunics made from sheer fabric, the dependable sleeveless vest, and boldly beaded jewelry.

The must-have of the 2011 Summer Season, is the updated pleated dress. A very sexy pleated, lightweight, and flowing sun dress will have you turning heads as soon as you enter the room. Go for either muted colors, with bold color and textured accessories, or bright and light colors, with accessories that are toned down. There’s nothing hotter than slipping into a simple pleated dress that flows with each step you take. The summer trend for bottom wear is a versatile and classic white cropped jean. These can go anywhere. You can go casual with a tank, gladiator sandals, and chunky, bold jewelry for day and weekend events. Or, you can easily dress them up with a flowing silk tunic, flats, and slinky jewelry.

If cropped pants are not your preference, then you have the option of a skinny full length white jean. You can always turn them up for a cropped appearance, and then lower them again for another look. The opportunities are endless. The 2011 summer fashion season is hotter than ever, with the flirty, airy and sheer tops. Layered over tanks or camisoles, it’s a great look, while staying cool on a hot summer night. There are numerous and great accessories to wear with this look, depending on how bold or muted the top is. Beaded jewelry is always a good bet, with many colors and styles to choose from. It’s a versatile look, as you can simplify the bottom with ballerina flats, or enhance a dressier pant, with heels.

Sleeveless vests always seem to make their way back around, for a reason. This summer the vest serves many purposes, with a variety of looks. Depending on the color you choose, or if it has a pattern, it is an article of clothing that can be worn with various outfits, of all colors and styles. Show off your tanned and tones arms by wearing it over a tank top. It can also be worn over a softer and flowing tunic, as the one mentioned earlier, to help flatter your figure. Both of these would complement cropped pants, or a short skirt. Finish these outfits by accessorizing with noticeable jewelry, such as bangles, or beaded bracelets and a bold ring.

Accessories are always fun and exciting to wear, complementing outfits by adding color and texture. The 2011 summer fashion trend for accessories is beaded jewelry. The best part about the beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earring, is the versatility of the various colors, shapes and textures. You can combine them for a more complex look, full of texture and color, or individually for a simpler look. No matter what option you choose with these beautiful pieces, it can really make an outfit have different appearances.

Enjoy this summer’s fashion trends with the bold and colorful beaded jewelry, versatile sleeveless vests, flirtatious sheer tops, and cropped white jeans. It’s versatile, and it’s all good.

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