Why To Coupon At Rite Aid

There are many stores to choose from when it comes to couponing. While many stores have their own special benefits for shopping at each store, Rite Aid is one of my favorites. They may not have double coupon days or promotions, but their rewards program as well as coupon combinations definitely make up for it.

To begin, Rite Aid has a reward program known as +UP rewards. All that these +UP rewards are, is money. An example would be, you buy $10 worth of merchandise and you are printed out a voucher for $5 credit towards your next purchase. These +UP rewards can be acquired through many different methods. A lot of the time, just by purchasing a certain product you can be credited +UP rewards good for your next purchase. On top of that, you can also earn +UP rewards through buying a certain amount of merchandise, a certain amount spent on certain products, etc. There are many different combinations in which you can take full advantage of the savings offered through the +UP rewards program. Basically, by understanding and utilizing the +UP rewards program you can acquire all kinds of merchandise for very little and in many cases, FREE!

On to the coupon aspect of Rite Aid, like I mentioned earlier Rite Aid does not double coupons. However, Rite Aid is one of the only stores I know that allows you to use 3 coupons, that’s right, 3 coupons on purchases. You are allowed to use an in-ad store coupon, a manufacturers coupon (which you can find just about anywhere), AND a Rite Aid adperk coupon, which is another store coupon(printed off Rite Aid’s site).

I assume that most people who will read this are already well aware of the value in coupons. Being able to use 3 coupons on a single item is phenomenal. There is so much potential for coupons behind each possible purchase that it is almost too easy to get out with a fantastic deal.

So what it all boils down to is this: If you use coupons and are NOT taking advantage of Rite Aid’s rewards program and coupon policy, then you are missing out on what could present itself as monumental savings. Having the ability to get items for practically free by using 3 coupons per item, stacked with the extremely generous and easy +UP rewards program, it is not at all uncommon to go into Rite Aid, load up on items, and leave the store with over $100 worth of merchandise that you paid $10-$15 for.

Even though Rite Aid has great potential for savings, they can still prove to be a little tricky when it comes to figuring out the in’s and out’s of their rewards. There are plenty of resources that can dramatically help the process of shopping at Rite Aid and using their coupons and rewards program to its fullest ability. I would recommend a coupon site, coupon blog, or some other resource to stay fully up to date on the rewards and promotions at Rite Aid.

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