Men’s Fashion – How To Look Good In 2011

Women’s fashion trends seem to come and go faster than the calendar can keep up with them. This is not so much the case with men’s fashion. Does that mean that men’s fashion does not experience trends? Of course not, but what it does mean is that many of the stalwarts that compose a man’s outfit still remain fashionable today.Not only is this nice for men who are resistant to change, but current trends in men’s fashion alleviate the stress on the wallet because the clothing is stylish for longer.

The suit is a men’s fashion trend that may never go out of style. They are currently “in” yet again, and there is a reason that they are seen year after year. They are stylish and professional. White suits are a favorite again, but the man with a penchant for individuality will want to be sure to make it his own. Cuts and materials that are not often seen in these suits are a plus. As always, the single-breasted suit reigns supreme amongst suit wearers. These outfits are slightly reserved while displaying a large amount of professionalism.

Another item of clothing that is trendy every year, and is again, is jeans. Skinny jeans have already experienced their peak and subsequent decline, only to be replaced by bell bottoms and flared jeans. This is happening in women’s fashion as well. It may not be completely accurate to refer to the current style of jeans bell bottoms, as they are slightly larger than a boot cut, giving rise to the “flared” moniker. The wide open, full on bell bottoms that enjoyed popularity in the 70s are not yet back at the forefront.

Many of the so-called “in” clothes currently trendy in men’s fashion feature vibrant colors. Several fashionable shirts, slacks, and jackets are sure to feature all sorts of shades of red, blue, yellow, and green. Colorful T-shirts and unlined jackets are preferred clothes, and every outfit, imbued with color or not, looks good underneath a leather jacket. Casual shoes are again the predominant choice in footwear, with slip-ons, loafers, and walking shoes some of the leading options.

It is rather obvious that many of the recently popular trends in men’s fashion have remained favorites. The styles are quite similar, yet an emphasis has been placed on individuality as well as a reserved look. It is all about looking subtly confident and comfortable in a classy manner. Men who enjoy a large portion of their current wardrobe will find this good news.

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