Leather Jackets : What To Consider When Buying One

When it comes to making a good impression, there aren’t many better options for a man than a stylish leather jacket. The leather jacket has been the staple of Western men’s fashion for decades and is available in many different styles. The classic leather motorcycle jacket gives an air of fresh macho intimidation and exerts a cool, relaxed look while the long leather trench-coat, often associated with Gothic subculture, can look dark, sleek and enticing.

There are many different types and grades of leather available to the consumer, ranging from the high street hide leather, which is usually thinly sliced and churned out in bulk in order to secure big profits for the high street companies, to nappa leather – the highest grade of leather available. Nappa leather is, naturally, also the most expensive leather you can buy. Its supple, lightweight attributes allow it to be worn all day, should the wearer wish. In contrast, a third type of leather – nubuck – is soft and velvety to the touch and attains a vintage style in the eyes of many.

If you’re watching the dimes, you may want to opt for hide leather and buy from an online leather jacket retailer. Buying a lower grade leather and purchasing online can give you big savings and allow you to have a great looking leather jacket with very little outlay. If budget isn’t a concern, however, you may like to opt for a very high quality nappa leather jacket. Nappa leather can cost in excess of $500 for a good quality leather jacket.

The ‘varnished’ effect on high grade leather is achieved using aniline dyes. These dyes allow the leather to be colored. Black leather is still the classic choice, while brown leather gives a rustic, vintage look, and red is a popular choice popular amongst women. On lower grades of leather, the manufacturers often use surface dyeing. Surface dyeing allows the manufacturer to obscure or cover unsightly marks or blemishes on lower grade leather and doesn’t have quite the same varnished effect as you get with high grade leather which has been aniline dyed.

It’s not difficult to keep a leather jacket looking brand new. With a little care and attention, a leather jacket can give many, many years of good service. Use a leather protector regularly in order to protect your leather from rain and spillages. Moisturizing the jacket with a leather conditioner will prolong the life of your jacket and keep it supple and moist, providing it with flexibility to move and stretch without cracking or ripping. Enjoy your leather jacket and look after it.

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