Learn About Some Different Styles Of Men’s Winter Jackets

It?s not just women?s fashion that poses a dazzling array of styles, fabrics and colors. Increasingly, men?s fashion does too, and so we?ve put together this little guide to give you an idea of some of the jackets that are hot right now. Starting with?the biker jacket. A masculine classic, these are not just confined to the catwalk or the motorbike. The leather ensures you?ll look sophisticated while the padding means you?ll be warm. You?ll look stylish and fantastically rugged at the same time.

For a classic take on the biker look, try the fashionable leather jacket. Leather jackets are great as they comes in so many styles, from tailored to loose to padded to fur lined, meaning that there?s one to suit everyone. It?s important to choose one that suits your shape as it will mean your jacket is ultra versatile and can be worn with almost anything. A good leather jacket never goes out of style, so choose wisely and you?ll end up with a garment to see you through all seasons.

Now, hear us out on this one. Ski jackets used to be for exactly what the name suggests ? skiing and nothing else. But with the advent of fabric technology and the streamlining of garments, it means that this season you can just as easily wear one of these jackets while running errands as you can skiing in the Alps. They are fantastically warm and specially designed to keep out wind chill, which means that even on the most Arctic of days you won?t have to worry.

Maybe, though, you?re more of a sophisticated, suave type of gentleman, in which case this season?s fashionable smart jackets could be for you. The blazer is the most obvious example here, and it looks great in black or pinstripes over jeans and a sweater or as an addition to your work wear. To add a twist to it, you could go for a tweed jacket ? a style classic that smartens any outfit and will be just as useful in late fall or early spring as in winter.

It?s important to be practical in winter, too, which is why we?re also recommending the trusty waterproof jacket. The waterproof is in right now as it?s practical, can be worn with anything and does a very good job of keeping you dry, particularly on those days when you?ve forgotten your umbrella. They come with lots of pockets so you can store things easily and the same design that helps keep out the rain keeps out the winter chill too, so this is definitely a practical and stylish investment.

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