Hoodies – An Essential Item Of Clothing For Women

A great looking hoodie should be an addition to your wardrobe. Why? Because they are becoming more versatile with each different design variation that is thought out by fashion designers. Originally just a warm sweatshirt or jumper style garment, the hoodie now varies to encompass short and long sleeve shirts, zipper jackets and semi-formal jackets. Their style inclusion in weather resistant items continues to make them a really versatile piece of clothing.

If your climate conditions call for a little more usability, a warm hoodie is a good addition for the wardrobe. More expensive brands combine the hoodies versatility with a waterproof jacket style garment, lining the inside with feather and down to provide an extremely warm, weather resistant, hoodie. The second function of this hoodie design is the protection provided by the hood, shielding the wearer from the elements.

The colors and style choices of available hoodies is extensive, and it is just as well as this is what makes them so versatile. By getting brands ranging from Superdry to Gucci involved in the design process, the hoodie stays unique. It is not just another plain colored sweater; the choices for purchasing are varied. Style choices vary also, with tighter fitting hoodies suiting smaller framed guys and the looser fit being better for larger men.

Not content to have hoodies be boxed in, clothing designers have taken many liberties with the design in recent years. Smart jackets are now combination hoodies, adding an extra layer of style. Jack and Jones produced a wide selection of hooded jackets that display this aspect. These jackets blend the casual and the formal to really pop as an addition to an outfit. Sleeveless hoodies as well as zipper hoodies also look great when added to an overall layered look. The sleeveless variety gives the chance to show off another impressive clothing layer underneath and the zipper hoodie can be left open for the same effect.

You can design your own hoodie online providing you have your size requirements. Businesses brand hoodies for promotional activities and also offer them up to their staff at a discounted price in order to get free marketing. Self-designed hoodies look great because they carry with them a sense of uniqueness that cannot be found in a mass produced garment.

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