Selling. A lost art.

Selling. A lost art.

By Ken Ninomiya

Over the years, ekn links has sold products to major retailers, large international distributors, small mom and popshops and even individual consumers. I was raised on the traditional way of selling products using proven techniques that have been past on from successful sales pros in the past. I often think that a sale is a lost art because our society has become so dependent on the Internet aspect of the everyday sale.

It is true that the online world should not be ignored in both the marketing of a product and the sales of a product but we also need to have experienced sales pros that answer the phone (or online chat) that make that occasional human contact to close the deal. I am not talking about customer service or trouble shooting reps, although, I have occasional had the pleasure of having a customer service representative try to sell my on an upgrade or better type of service. I am discussing the old time closer. The art of sales.

I listened to many sales tapes (yes – actually cassette tapes) and witnessed over twenty professional seminars and participated in a dozen or so sales development events over the years. I have learned a lot about the art of sales over the years and I hope to help you pick up a few of the things that I have learned and now practice as owner of ekn links. I cannot teach you the vital and important one to one communication that is always necessary in sales. I cannot give you the proverbial “gift of gab” but I can help you remember some of those old time valuable sales fundamentals that have created great sales pros and generated a lot of revenue. ekn links practices these basic sales tips and we help to close the deal for many different types of products from medical products to toys. We can help you build the revenue in your business. Contact us for more help but until then take notice of these basic tips.

The Basic Steps to the Sales Call

  1. Call the Prospect and set up an appointment. Remember, either you sell the customer or the customer is going to sell you on a reason why they can’t meet you. The goal is to sell the customer on getting an appointment and discuss your solution face to face.
  2. Go to Prospect the day of the appointment prepared and with the correct samples, sales order sheets and company information. The Prospect wants to know how you will help them solve a problem. Visualize the sales call and have your sales presentation down. Don’t waste the Prospects time.
  3. It is a good idea to develop an immediate rapport with the client with some type of icebreaker comment. Look for your opportunity to get the discussion started in a friendly manner. Make sure that you have control of the sales call but keep it friendly. Don’t forget to close. Ask for the business and handle the objections.
  4. At the end of Sales call, thank the customer for their time A few days later send a thank you card or email.
  5. Follow up. Most sales are lost because of poor or no follow up. There is no excuse not to follow up in our well-connected world.

Helpful Hints to Remember:

  • Time is money, it is important to spend time getting to know the customer but make sure that you devote most of the time to the sales presentation, remember that the time of the client is limited, therefore get to the presentation ASAP.
  • Remember to CLOSE!
  • Always use creative stories to help the buyer visualize the sales and your solution.
  • Never insult the customer or be too direct or bold. Be friendly – not hostile.
  • Never argue with a customer or prospect, remember. The customer is always right.
  • Make sure that you show the Prospect the solution to their problem immediately.
  • Never “bad talk” competitors or downgrade their items.
  • Always smile when with a customer. Is this hard to do?
  • Remember the law of numbers. The more Prospects you see, the more you will sell.
  • Nobody is born a sales person; it comes with practice, consistency and ambition.
  • The more you practice, the better your sales pitch. Practice makes perfect.
  • Remember that 20% of your customers will make up 80% of your revenue and business. Treat those 20% like GOLD.

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