4 Fashion Tips That Always Work for Plus Size Women

plus-size-womenPeople are never happy with what they have. Curly haired beauties want poker straight hair while girls with straight hair wish for Rapunzel curls. Same goes for body types. Women who are slim wish for curves while curvaceous women are always trying to lose them. Everyone is dissatisfied out there and only a few women have perfect bodies that they are happy with. This applies more towards plus size women, mainly because being thin is glamorized by the society.
There are many benefits of your body that you are yet to explore. Stop trying to appear slimmer and learn to accentuate what you have. Here are a few tips that would work wonders for plus size women –

1. Avoid Large Clothes – In a race to appear leaner, most plus size women commit the grave fashion crime of wearing clothes that are many sizes ahead of them. They think that these clothes would make them look thinner when, in fact, the effect is quite the opposite. Wearing large and baggy clothes would kill your beautiful curves and hide your assets, bringing your figure flaws to light. You don’t want to look like a misshapen gunny bag. Hence, avoid large clothes and go for well fitted garments.

2. Go For A-Line Skirts – Most plus size women think that plus size skirts make them look bulky and unattractive. You couldn’t be far from the truth if you think like that. It is not the skirt but the tailoring and the cut of it that makes you look bulkier. You have to choose a cut that flatters your figure and bring those curves to light. A-line skirts are perfect for this because they create a nice and flowing appearance. Plus, you can choose them in your favorite colors and have a lovely outfit ready.

3. Wear Straight Cut Bottoms – Wearing straight lines in your bottoms give an illusion of longer and slimmer legs. This balances the lower half of your body and makes you look taller. This is especially great for women who have broader hips and want to take the attention away from them. You can invest in good denim that is stretchable and has a straight cut from your waistline to your ankles.

Also, make sure that you are careful with the colors. Remember that darker colors and neutral colors are your friends. Black, brown and dark blue, even steel grey is something you should always keep an eye out for because these are flattering colors. Avoid going for eccentric patterns and bright colors.

4. Buy A Nice Pair Of Leggings – Leggings go best with tunic tops and they are a must have in your wardrobe. Choose a darker colored legging that is comfortable as well as simple. It is a minimalistic look that you’re going for and can be worn on evenings or when you are out with your friends.
You can follow all the fashion trends, irrespective of your size. Just make sure that you know your body type before you buy something.

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