Let Go…And Let God…

let_go_and_let_god_card-p137020634457100085qiae_400Lately I’ve been finding myself going through some tough times and I’ve been trying to do things on my own and trying to find my own way but time  and time again I am reminded of how I can’t do things on my own and how I should always let God take control and do things his own special way. Now I know many can relate to what I’m saying and that is why just like a friend shared this with me, I feel compelled to share it with all of you…so with that said enjoy!

The poem is entitled Let Go…and Let God…

As children bring their broken toys

With tears for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God,

Because he was my friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him

In peace, to work alone,

I hung around and tried to help,

With ways that were my own.

At last, I snatched them back

And cried, “How can you be so slow?”

My child, He said, ” What could

I do” You never did let go.”

Author: Unknown


  1. Amen!
    I will let God control my life.
    He knows all things, He can do all things and theres nothing i have to be afraid of. Thanks to you
    and Thank you Lord.
    May you continue your work to inspire lives.
    God bless!

  2. That is so true. I am remined time and time again that I can’t do things on my own. So I try to leave it up to God with no worry’s and pray that he gives me my request (if it’s good for me). But in the end he always comes through with the right solution and I love him for that.

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