A Greater Truth

greaterHey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. Today’s topic is one of great importance and one I hope that it will bring shed some light and have you really think about who you are, what your about and exactly what your purpose here on Earth really  is. Yesterday I was asked a question, if someone came to me with a greater truth, what would I do with it? When I speak of greater truth it’s in regards to God’s word. I know there are a ton of religions out there and everyone has an opinion about the truth, but in reality it’s not a religion thing, because religion won’t get you into heaven, it’s a God thing. God’s words are eternal and they changeth not. A religion shouldn’t dictate the truth to you, God’s holy bible is what hold’s all the truth you need in order to get into God’s heavenly kingdom. For some they may say “ignorance is bliss” but it really isn’t. Everyone’s responsible to read the word and ask the Holy Spirit for help to interpret it and then it’s your responsibility to accept it. Acceptance is not something that comes easy for any of us and that’s because we want to do what it is we want to do, we are not willing to give in to God’s will for us. You see a lot of people place God in a box and I have to admit I am guilty of this as well and we keep him there and we try to tell God what it is that we want to do and we just say “God loves me and is going to accept for who I am and what I can offer” uhmmmm…..wrong, God does love us which is why he sent his son, Jesus Christ to die for us but he does have expectations of us and to get into his heavenly kingdom is a lot harder than we think it is. We can’t continue living a life of sin and expect to get there. We all need to wake up and smell the roses and realize that God can only take those that share the same beliefs as him and are willing to do his will. He doesn’t need a round Heaven War 2, and he promised that there never would be any of that again. Now I’m going to lay it down pretty thick, and for some this may be where you decide to stop reading but I earnestly hope not. So again, the question, if someone came to you with a greater truth what would you do with it? If I told you that God hated sin, what would you do with that? If I told you that God’s holy day isn’t Sunday and that it is man’s holy day, what would you do with you with that? If I told that God asked His people to rest in him on the Sabbath, which is the seventh day, what would you do with that? (Exodus 20:8) If I told you that God asked for an entire 24 hr period of your time, what would you do with that? If I told you that God didn’t want us to eat just anything, what would you do with that? (Leviticus 11) If I told you that God loves us all, but won’t save us all, what would you do with that? If you told you that God is displeased with those that don’t do his will, what would you do with that?

You see, the truth hurts….it makes us start to think about what we’ve done or have been doing. For some people this won’t mean a thing because they will continue to do what they want to do. But for others this will have them to analyze and think about the things that they have been doing and how exactly can they start living their life right with Christ. And for all who have taken the time to read this, you cannot say that no one has ever presented you a greater truth. I am not speaking these things from what I believe to be true. Look at some of the references and search God’s words because that is indeed where the truth lies. I hope that you all have a blessed day and I will continously keep a prayer in my heart for all of you that read “The Things We Talk About.”

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